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About the Venues

Let’s get started! Whether you are planning a club meeting or looking for a social space, ReEntry Purdue Atmosphere has multiple options for you. All spaces are reserved on a first come, first served basis, pending Protect Purdue guidelines approval.


Below are types of spaces available for reservation. ReEntry Purdue Atmosphere is continuously looking to expand options and the addition of more locations are pending.

  • Meet-up Hubs: Perfect for club callouts or meetings, these dedicated locations have various amenities like WiFi, lighting and more to support your activities.
  • Tabling Pop-Ups: We've added more outdoor tabling locations around campus in popular locations. Each tent is outfitted with a table and two chairs. Tabling Pop-Ups can be found at the following locations:
    • 3rd and University Streets at Lawson Computer Science Building
    • 3rd Street green space between Cosí and Vawter Hall
    • Centennial Mall near Wilmeth Active Learning Center
    • Bell Tower sidewalk across from Wilmeth Active Learning Center
    • Purdue Mall Fountain
  • Small Group Activity Sites: These small staged locations are perfect for student activities such as movies, concerts, presentations and discussions. Amenities vary by site but may include an awning, covered stage area, electricity, lighting and/or seating for group sizes of 25-50 students. The locations are as follows:
    • Agriculture Administration Building north lawn on State Street (across from Memorial Mall)
    • Academy Park
    • Hovde Hall front steps
    • Memorial Mall
    • Purdue Mall Fountain
  • Destination Programming Sites: These locations are for major organization programming and/or high-level collaborations. Destination sites may host events up to a capacity of 250 attendees (including staff). Events that could utilize destinations sites may involve procuring special exceptions and special partnerships. Note that conditions apply.
    • Slayter Center: Utilize the outdoor stage with amphitheater
    • Herrick North Lawn (HERR): This location is a recurring weekly setup with stage and A/V solutions