Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Campus Activities

  1. How do I find out about activities on campus?
    The most complete source of information is the University's master calendar of events. But don't overlook other common means of information — the Purdue Student Union Board website, ads and announcements in The Exponent, flyers on the bulletin boards of academic buildings and residence halls, flyers and "chalkings" on the sidewalks and promotional activities that take place on Memorial Mall. Back to top
  2. What kinds of activities are there at the Purdue Memorial Union?
    There are a variety of activities to enjoy at Purdue Memorial Union — entertainment and programming is provided by students for students! You'll find movies, concerts, craft nights, lectures, discussion groups and more — check out PSUB's website for a complete listing. The Union Rack and Roll has bowling and billiards and a video arcade room, too. Student organizations hold events in Purdue Memorial Union, too. Back to top
  3. Are all events posted on the web?
    Not all event information is available on the web. Be sure to check The Exponent, posters, mailers, flyers and "chalkings" on campus sidewalks. Back to top


  1. Where can I check my e-mail?
    Purdue Memorial Union is a pilot location for the Purdue campus wireless system. Back to top
  2. Where can I purchase software?
    BoilerCopyMaker on the main floor sells software — be sure to have your Purdue ID with you. You can call them at 49-63888 for a complete list of available products and costs. Back to top
  3. Does the Purdue Memorial Union and Union Club Hotel have wireless internet service?
    In the main union building there is wireless internet service available, but it is necessary to have a visitor login and password for access. This is available at the Visitor Kiosk off of the Great Hall on the Union main floor during normal business hours and at the hotel desk after hours. Back to top
  4. What types of internet service does the Union Club Hotel offer?
    Wireless internet is available in the hotel wings for our guests. An access code is required and is available at the front desk. There is no additional charge for this service. In the hotel rooms, there is also internet access via a network cable that we provide in each room. This internet service requires an Ethernet card in your PC. There is no additional charge for this service. Back to top


  1. How do I contact various Purdue Memorial Union departments?
    View PMU Business Directory Back to top


  1. What kinds of student jobs does the Purdue Memorial Union offer?
    We offer a variety of positions. There are numerous departments within the Union that have student positions; they range from cashiering, wait staff, food production, to housekeepers. Back to top
  2. Can I get a job at the Purdue Memorial Union if I am an international student?
    If you have documentation to demonstrate your eligibility to work, there should be no problem. Back to top
  3. How do I find a job at Purdue Memorial Union?
    Stop by the Dining Services office, Ground Floor to apply in person. Back to top
  4. What are the benefits of working for the Union?
    Flexible schedules; you can walk to work; uniforms provided; shift meal provided. Energetic, fast paced environment! Back to top

Entertainment, Movies and Programs

  1. How do I find out what's happening at Purdue Memorial Union?
    View the PSUB Events or call (765) 494-8976 for program information. Back to top
  2. How do I get involved in planning activities that take place in the Union?
    Get involved with PSUB — call (765) 494-8976 for more information. Back to top


  1. Where can I get information about campus and the Greater Lafayette community?
    Stop by the Visitor Information Center kiosk, located in the Great Hall of the Union. Back to top


  1. Where do I get my Purdue ID card?
    The Card Services Office on the main floor of Purdue Memorial Union is where you may get your official Purdue identification card. You may also make deposits to your BoilerExpress account here. Back to top

Lost & Found

  1. Where is the Purdue Memorial Union Lost and Found located?
    The Purdue Memorial Union Lost and Found is located at the Union Club Hotel Front Desk. You can reach the Front Desk at
    (765) 494-8900 twenty-four hours a day. Back to top